Acer is multinational hardware, as well as electronics corporation of Taiwan. It has advanced electronics technology. Its headquarters is in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Acer is producing a wide range of products including desktop, laptop, pcs, tablets, storage devices, and smartphones. Is Acer a good brand? There are no doubts that Acer is a good brand.

Acer also selling gaming pcs and accessories. It has been implementing a new model for is shifting from a manufacturer to a designer, distributor, and designer of products. Acer was the sixth-largest personal computer seller in the world, in the early 15th century. In addition to the core of its products business, it has also launched a new business, where Acer wants to arise the integration of cloud services and platforms. The development of wearable and smartphones devices.

The history behind the Acer.

The company started with eleven employees with an investment of US$25,000 in the capital. Initially, it was a distributor of electronic parts as well as a consultant in the operations of microprocessor technologies.

It produced:

  • The micro-professor MPF-i training kit.
  • The apple ii clones are the microprocessor ii and iii.

After that, it has joined the emerging IBM pc compatible market, and becoming a marvels pc manufacturer. The name of the company was given Acer in 1987.

In 1998, Acer reorganized into five various groups:

  • Acer international service group.
  • Acer sertek service group.
  • Acer semiconductor group.
  • Acer information products group.
  • Acer peripherals group.

Acer has been reducing the competition between the branded sales and contract manufacturing 2000 the company spun off the contract business and renaming it Wistron corporation.

The restructuring resulted in two primary units:

  • The Brand name sales
  • Contract manufacturing.

Acer flourished in Europe. Traditional distribution channels are targeting retail consumers. In 2007 Acer became a popular brand in Europe and the united states of America .it became the world’s number 3 provider of computers and number 2 for notebooks. It achieved significant popularity and improvement in profitability. Acer has been struggling to become the largest pc believed that it can achieve a higher economy of scale.

Environmental friendly products:

Acer got the fourth rank out of 15 in the re-launched guide of Greenpeace to greener got a score of 5.1 points out of 10. The guide provides rank according to their practices and policies, which helped them to reduce their adverse impact on the climate. Greenpeace criticized those companies for not setting out targets to alleviate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Acer has been launching new products which are free from polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) as well as brominated flame retardants (BFRS). Acer acknowledged the Greenpeace that the majority of its products will be PVC/BFR free in the future. Acer also achieved good scores on chemical management.

Best gaming laptop:

Seventh highest out of 24 consumer electronics companies. The Acer Nitro 5 is an excellent gaming laptop having a price under $1,000, but it will not play more demanding games. It has a longer battery life.

Acer laptops are durable and very efficient. These durable Acer laptops were produced for EU and US markets with reasonable prices, such laptop models belong to high-class laptops.

High rankings:

Acer high ranking laptop models are given below.

  • Acer spin.
  • Acer swift.

Acer has various series of laptops that differ in build quality. Acer’s aspire series is the normal consumer-grade. Swift series is almost alike as they aspire but it has a little bit better build quality. Nitro series has the same build quality predator series is the end gaming series of Acer. They possess the highest build quality and fastest performing in everything. Anything cheaper than an aspire has a bad quality build and has no discrete graphics cards. The Ultrabook of Acer is of good quality.

You should consider the following things when selecting a laptop. You should consider the quality of support, build and brand. When it comes to computers, the name it possesses plays a vital role in determining its level of quality. When it comes to quality you know names like HP, Toshiba, Dell, and the likes. Therefore, is Acer a good brand? Here is detail is given below

Unique key features of Acer laptops:

There are a few key features that make the Acer laptops unique;

Affordable prices:

Acer is a brand known to manufacture a wide range of laptops. They range from windows convertibles to lightweight Chromebook. The brand also has something different and wonderful for gamers. It is, however, important to know that since the early 2000s, the company has dwindled in terms of the quality of its products. However, Acer brands stand out again from the crowd because of the quality they offer. Acer can provide you a lot at a lesser cost. They have a wide range of budget laptops such as Chromebook 11 is one of the best budget Chromebook with unique features.

Gaming feature:

Most manufacturers seem to be more interested in laptops with super gaming compatibility. This is due to the higher levels of competition among manufacturers. Acer has been attempting to win the race with its Nitro Spin 5 and Nitro 5. In 2008, it came up with the hp omen and the dell g series. One example of predator laptops is the gaming laptop known as triton 500.

 Tech support:

This is another important area for Acer. The company has arranged a team of polite as well as prompt customer care agents. Customers can reach from anywhere in the world. These agents are friendly enough and give relevant responses at the very right time. The company has a website that is easy to navigate. The website will allow you to search for your laptop by inserting the SNID number.

Innovative laptops:

The brand is trying to make its name in the field of ultra-portable designs. The brand produces reputed products e.g the slimmest laptop with swift 7. This laptop weighs only 2-pounds and it is 0.39-inches.


The most important feature of a laptop is its memory. Acer is competitive in terms of memory. Acer laptops have a variety of memory space. They can easily add sufficient memory in a short period. The memory can be enhanced at the time of purchase.


Another significant feature on any laptop is portability, which is shown in the size and weight of the product. Acer provides several laptops and notebooks that are portable while remaining extremely functional. Even when the models have a wider screen size, the weight of the device, as a whole, permits it to be easily managed. These laptops can be stored in a backpack or carrying case.

Wireless capability:

Accessibility is another key feature. Having multiple wireless options permits the user to stay connected. They also have accessibility to the web and business networks. You can connect to public networks, based on Wi-Fi systems, and even Bluetooth devices, such as printers, headsets, etc.


The connection adaptability is an important feature that must be considered while choosing a laptop. As network and Wi-Fi connections vary the ability of computers to adapt to those variations. Acer laptops have efficient multiple connectivity ports for USB drives and Ethernet connections. Acer gives a great computing experience at a reasonable price.

The battery life of the Acer computer:

One unique feature of modern computers is that they are designed with updated technologies. One of the unique features of such computers is battery efficiency. They however still need to be charged from time to time. There are however a few tweaks that can be implemented to get the best battery life.

Change the power settings on your computer:

Recent Acer laptops have unique power features that enable you to achieve the best performance from your computer. You can also optimize the battery life of your computer. One such step to prolong your battery life is by going to your power options. Now choose other the power saver option from the available options.

Reduce the screen brightness:

One function that drains the life out of laptop battery is the screen brightness. A laptop screen consumes a lot of power. So you need to turn down the power if you want to increase your battery life.

Turn off the network:

When the Wi-Fi is connected, it reduces battery life even when it is not connected by searching for networks. Several Acer laptops button for turning on or turning off the Wi-Fi. An older laptop does not have such a key. And also turn off media when not in use.



Buying an Acer computer is as easy as buying any other sort of computer. The primary requirement is to ensure your demand in terms of capacity and function. You should, however, be careful to read recommendations and reviews from online and offline review platforms. You should also take caution not to buy a pc because it appears quite cheap, it must be affordable and not cheap.

However, Acer is a good brand with extraordinary unique features. Acers products are quite affordable and are durable. You must consider this brand while purchasing electronic products.

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