Is Asus a good laptop brand? Asus is a multinational company that manufactures hardware and electronics, whose main activities are computers and phones, and it is a leading company driven by innovative ideas and technologies. Many users appreciate ASUS because of its commitment to product quality. They produce laptops, notebooks, motherboards, keyboards, video cards, and mouse. Asus was founded in 1989.

Is Asus a good laptops brand

Of course, Asus is a good brand for laptops. Overall, Asus is really reliable, cheap, and very affordable. The innovation that Asus brings is truly amazing. The new design of ASUS laptops continues to inspire us. Asus offers a variety of large laptops. Their laptop design is excellent. If quality is needed, the Asus laptop comes out like a beast. When you buy an Asus laptop, you get lower costs with great technology.

Asus laptops are very quiet and do all the work better than other laptops. Heating is not a problem here, as Asus knows how to deal with overheating.

How to evaluate your brand:

All laptop brands are ranked on a 100-point scale. These points are divided into five categories.

  • comments
  • Design,
  • technical support/warranty,
  • innovation,
  • Value and Choice.

Comments (40 points): The most important aspect of a brand is the quality of the product. Use the rating provided to the laptop to determine the classification of the company as “commentary”. We used the average notebook rating for each brand (notebook rating 1-5), changed the rating to a 40-point scale, and awarded the Choice Editor a 0.75 point award.

Design (15 points): Laptop evaluation for the case, side, deck, front panel, and base. No two laptops are the same, but each brand has a design language used in all product lines.

Technical support and warranty (20 points): When buying a laptop, you want to know that the manufacturer supports this device and solves technical problems. Ratings in this category are based primarily on annual technical support shows that ask all businesses using the telephone, internet, and social channels. However, depending on the quality of the company’s standard warranty, 2 points will be awarded for every 20 points.

Innovation (10 points): The laptop market is growing rapidly. In the innovation category, points are earned based on the brand’s ability to guide market development through the introduction or development of new technologies and to take risks.

Value and choice (15 points): In this category, we earn points by offering a variety of laptops (budget, business, games, etc.) and by offering prices.

Is ASUS a Good Brand

Analyze the specifications of your Asus laptop


1: ASUS Components:

Asus laptop components are well worth the money. They are very helpful. ASUS components can handle the task very easily. Individual users, students, and professionals can trust Asus. Most ASUS laptops have a quad-core processor. Do not worry if your budget is low. You can get a quad-core processor.

ASUS laptops have the following components:

  • Steam room cooling system
  • Intel Sky lake Processor
  • Nano-edge technology
  • Tablet screen
  • 8 cell battery
  • Solid-state drive
  • LED display
  • Sonic master audio


2: Asus Laptop Design:

The ROG and Zen-Book series have received awards for their innovative design. You can get quality products in your budget. This brand’s designs are amazing no one can deny it. When you look at the Asus laptop, you will see all the elegant and stylish designs. They always like the minimalistic look of a laptop. Asus laptops are elegant and thin.

3: Asus Products

Asus offers a wide range of will fulfill all your needs easily. You can try a gaming laptop. For this reason, ASUS gaming laptops are highly recommended. Meet the needs of players. Updating the model is worth the wait. Asus laptops are always perfect and people love to explore and experiment. Windows laptops, Chromebooks, 2-in-1 laptops, gaming laptops are examples of different laptops.

4: Asus Laptop Price

Asus models are available in all price ranges, depending on the budget. Even with a small budget, your needs are always met. Here is the good news. Asus does not allow bank confusion. As mentioned, these laptops have low-cost quad-core processors. So you can get a very useful laptop at the same price. No matter how much you pay, performance will improve dramatically. Their prices start at low prices and rise rapidly with a luxury item like prices. Their collection is so rich that anyone can have a laptop that meets their needs. When comparing products with other brands with the same characteristics, it can be seen that the prices are very different. With ASUS you can pay anytime.

5: ASUS Laptop Support

If you purchased from Asus, some models have a one-year warranty, while others have a two-year warranty. It depends on the model. For all models, ASUS offers the option to register for an extended battery warranty.

ASUS warranty conditions are flexible and cover defects related to:

  • Natural disaster
  • From accidents.
  • Third-party viruses.
  • Defect of the manufacturer

The disadvantage is that contacting customer support via the Internet or by telephone will reduce the quality of service. According to the legend, you need to be able to talk to engineers. If you return your laptop for repair, be prepared for the problem. Either the customer has lost their laptop or Asus was unable to track their location. It is best to send it by registered mail so you can prove they have received it. Also, maintenance fees will be charged and covered by the warranty.

I heard comments about their support. Some say that it is good, and the problem will be resolved soon. Others say that you held you for several hours, so you need to register first. I always find their support very useful, and it works great on older devices as well. Warranties are flexible and tend to cover defects caused by natural disasters, accidents, third-party viruses and manufacturer defects.

6: Innovation

Asus continues to inspire us with new designs and models. ROG Zephyrus and Zen Book Pro are good examples. Both models have won innovative design awards. Unlike most very bulky gaming laptops, their gaming laptops are very lightweight. They know how to surprise us with new and innovative products. Their items are full of power and performance. Asus always has some places to enjoy, entertain and learn.

Asus Laptop Awards:

To be precise, ASUS has won a total of 1,796 awards. Asus ZenBook S received the award of the year. They have won awards on many laptops. The ROG Series is an award-winning series. In 2019, ASUS received six Best Choice awards. Asus won 11 design and innovation awards at the 2019 Computex Awards. ZenBook, VivoBook, ROG Zephyrus, ROG Strix series and Asus mini are winners. Even if you are looking for the best laptop on the Internet, your Asus laptop will always be displayed on these lists.

Are ASUS laptops suitable for gaming?

The ASUS gaming laptop is equipped with powerful devices, a beautiful display, and a rugged body. No matter which game you choose, ASUS gaming laptops are always at your service. Asus gaming laptops are thin and light with excellent performance. The speakers are impressive. The speakers provide excellent gaming features and very good sound. Asus notebooks can meet all gaming needs. These gaming laptops come with powerful components. Every Asus gaming laptop plays in Full HD. Bright screens and colors make your game perform best. The cooling system of Asus gaming laptops is advanced.

Some gaming laptops and their specifications are listed below.


This gaming laptop has 24 GB of RAM, is very thin and lightweight, and offers excellent gaming performance. The 15.6-inch screen offers excellent display here. The cooling system is very noiseless during operation.

2: Asus ROG STRIX GL502

This is one of the best gaming laptops of all 1080p. The screen, power and sound system of this gaming laptop are amazing! Everything is fine on this laptop. Battery life is a problem.

Is ASUS a business laptop?

Asus notebooks can meet all business needs. They have a laptop for small business owners. These business laptops are cheap, powerful and durable. Laptops are available for designing, engineering, construction, and heavy users. They are made for perfect work. Their laptops can easily take up space the business needs. With laptops from these companies, you can chat, share and work all day. Asus offers business laptops, ROG laptops, Chromebook displays, and projectors. This is a business laptop I highly recommend to businessmen.


3: ASUS P P2540UA-AB51 commercial standard laptop:

This laptop combines designing and business productivity. It has about 9 hours of extraordinary battery. This is a reasonable price that will help you keep working all day. It has 8 GB of RAM and a 15.6-inch anti-glare screen. This is a completely business-class laptop with many bonus features.


is asus a good laptop brand

1. Is Asus Better Than Dell?

Dell and Asus are truly exceptional brands, both of which provide us with superior quality. Asus laptop products are satisfying, cheap and optimized. Dell is a very famous brand and older than Asus. However, Asus competes with Dell. Dell is known for its support. Dell offers laptops in different colors. I can’t say which brand is better. Because it all depends on your needs. However, if you remember a particular brand, be sure to make sure that others rate it specifically for that particular product. Choose a product that fits your needs and price.

2. Is Asus better than ACER?

Acer is a brand that has introduced many devices. However, in terms of performance, they tend to rely on Asus over Acer. But after all, both brands offer great laptops, and we have a lot of options. Every brand has its advantages and disadvantages, including both. Both brands offer great design and performance on all budgets, and only you choose the product that meets your needs.

3. Is Asus better than HP?

HP is a well-known brand, but both are very competitive in terms of reputation. The truth is, Asus leads in many cases. HP models are expensive and luxurious. You can use any brand, so be sure to check the specifications. The final decision is obviously up to you. While HP notebooks are reliable and deliver excellent workmanship, Asus offers many features. I don’t know what your specific needs are, so I don’t know which one is better.


Asus is one of the best brands. Innovative features and models like ScreenPad and ErgoLyft Loop are the best. Their design is great and luxurious. I searched on the internet for proper information about Asus, but there was no complete information as I give you in my article and this article will definitely satisfy you with ASUS. If you still have problems, you can leave them in the comment box.

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