Yes, Lenovo is a good brand

Everyone has heard of Lenovo because their hardware is reasonably priced. Availability is not the only reason people think it is a good brand, and Lenovo’s design, battery life, and durability make it the first choice for many. Before telling you that Lenovo is a very good brand, let me introduce it first.

Lenovo is a Chinese brand; it deals with technology and its headquarters are in Beijing. It sells its products all over the world. There are more than 160 countries buying products from this company. This company was founded in 1984. The founder of Lenovo is Liu Chanzi.


Lenovo was founded in the year 1984 in China’s city know as Beijing. And in 1988 it was incorporated in Hong Kong. In 2005 it acquired IBM’s personal computer business in the year 2005. Lenovo brand acquired an Intel-based server in the year 2014. With the passage of time, this brand proved that this is one of the best brands of technology that deals with the number of quality products.


This brand is China’s largest computer making brand and its world’s third best brand after DELL and Hewlett-Packard. One-third of branded computers sold in China are of this brand. It makes computers and computer parts of different countries of the world.


This brand is well-known for its best quality it has some unique characteristics that make it the best brand.

  1. It has unique styles
  2. Lenovo laptops are available in almost every color
  3. Lenovo laptops hardware is of good quality
  4. Lenovo laptops are very lightweight
  5. Lenovo laptops are reasonable in price
  6. Lenovo laptops have good built-in features



All over the world Lenovo is considered the best brand for laptops and computers this is just because of its reasonable budget-friendly prices; beautiful design great performance and durability of its hardware is what makes it the best brand.


Lenovo offers good quality laptops and other products as well. Lenovo introduced G series, B series and V series on laptops.

  1. Personal Computers
  2. Tablet Computers
  3. Workstations
  4. Smartphones
  5. Electronic storage devices
  6. Smart televisions
  7. Laptops
  8. Notebook computers.



Although all the products of this brand are well-known and of the best quality but some products which are famous all over the world are.

LENOVO THINKCENTRE M700: This is a personal computer with an intel Quart Core processor and 8GB RAM with 240 GB SSD Wi-Fi.

LENOVO FLEX 14 Convertible Laptop: This another best-selling product of Lenovo brand. It’s a 14-inch HD display Laptop with 4GB RAM and 128 GB SSD.

LENOVO IDEAPAD S340: This is another good quality product of Lenovo brand.  It’s a laptop with 15.6 inches HD display,8 GB DDR4, 128 GB SSD, and Bluetooth connection as well.

LENOVO SMART TAB M10: This is a tablet of Lenovo brand with 10.1 inches display and 16 GB memory.

LENOVO C2 K10a40: This is Lenovo’s android smartphone phone with a 5-inch display and 8GB memory. A dual sim option is also available.

LENOVO Z6 PRO: It’s another smartphone of Lenovo brand with 128GB 8GB RAM its available in black color.



Lenovo brand offers three series for their laptop range they are

  1. G series
  2. B series
  3. V series

G SERIES This series is specially designed for laptops for everyday use in a reasonable budget.  This series is for those customers who want a good product at a reasonable price. G series was released in the year 2011. It has G470, G570, G475, G575, and G770 laptops.

B SERIES B Series laptops are also budget-friendly but they are designed for small businesses not for everyday use. B Series laptops were introduced in the year 2011. B series laptops are B470 and B570.

V SERIES V Series laptops are just like B series laptops specially designed for small business users in a very affordable price range. This series was also introduced in the year 2011 they are V370, V470, and V570.


If someone is interested in buying any technological product, he/she will be surprised that a lot of options available for a single product.  For example, if someone needs a Laptop, he will find so many brands that it will be difficult for him to choose any brand.  The same is the case with personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and other products.

If we compare Asus brand with Lenovo brand it will be difficult for us to choose one perfect brand out of these two. Because nowadays both brands are making world’s best products. Customers from all over the world respect and trust both these brands equally. We can compare both brands on the following bases.

  1. Design
  2. Build-in features
  3. Cost
  4. Performance


The most appealing thing in any product is its look and visual beauty. Every customer gives importance to design of products. Both Asus and Lenovo give importance to the uniqueness and variation of laptop design.  But when it comes to Lenovo it offers a huge variety of laptops in different designs and almost every color is available. Lenovo was the first brand that introduced lightweight laptops with unique folding.


ASUS only focuses on design but Lenovo focuses on design as well as built-in features.  Lenovo brand is a well-known brand because it provides customers new and unique styles of products with high-quality built-in features. On the other hand, Asus is not doing so well in build-in features.


Everyone wants a good quality laptop with beautiful designs and high-quality build-in features in an affordable and reasonable price. Both brands Lenovo and Asus are well-known for their reasonable and budget-friendly prices.  Asus and Lenovo offer laptops under $300-$500 and no other brand is offering such a nice package for good laptops.  But Asus is not so good in the terms of build-in features and Lenovo has both qualities good design with the ideal in build features at a reasonable price.


Along with the good design, build-in features and budget-friendly price performance is also very important.  If a laptop is reasonable in price with good design but its performance is not on point then there is no use of such a laptop it’s totally useless and its waste of money. Both brands are well-known for the good performance of their laptops but Lenovo laptops are not only good in performance but also, they are multi-tasking such as gaming, typing, office use or for personal use.


Different customers from all over the world buy and use laptops of this brand just because of their reasonable price, attractive and unique styles and good performance. Customers respect this brand because this brand provides desired products with good quality and great performance with tremendous durability.  Most of the customers of Lenovo are fully satisfied and happy because they have their desired laptops in a suitable price range. Lenovo has a customer rating of about 3.5 stars this shows that most of the customers are satisfied with this brand.

  1. Service 3 stars
  2. Shipping 4 stars
  3. Return5 stars
  4. Quality5 stars

Pattie of Princeton Junction, NY It is the best Laptop I ever used in my life, great job fabulous performance and all that I want. I am very happy and fully satisfied with this brand and I will recommend others to buy laptops from this brand because of its great performance and reasonable price.

Sona of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra Very good product I will recommend every one of you to buy it and feel the difference. The large screen provides great visibility and its good quality hardware prevent laptops from damage.

Carol of St Petersburg, FL Easy to use and easy to set up it’s a great laptop for those who don’t have great knowledge about the use of laptops just like me.

Earl of Cortland, New York Lenovo is such a nice brand at a reasonable price I will recommend this brand for laptops and tablets.

G. of Plano, TX I have used so many products of Lenovo brand and I am fully satisfied with this brand. This brand provides the best computers and laptops with great build-in features and good performance. I will definitely recommend this brand.

Merry of Cave Creek, AZ I use Lenovo brand on an everyday basis this Laptop is the best laptop I have ever found. Its reliable and easy to use.  I will recommend it for daily use because of its low price and it has good quality as well.


Lenovo is a high-end reliable Chinese brand. Which is famous all over the world just because of its good performance, durable hardware and lightweight unique and elegant design.  This is China’s largest computer making and selling brand. This brand is selling its products to approximately 160 countries all over the world. It’s great customer service and good quality makes this brand famous and reliable.  All the customer of this brand is satisfied and happy. They recommend is brand for laptops and other products.

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