MSI WE62 7RJ-1828US 15.6″ Professional Workstation Laptop For LUMION:

With its strong processor and quick DDR4 RAM, the MSI WE62 7RJ-1828US 15.6′′ Professional Workstation Laptop for lumion 12 is designed to suit high-end computing requirements. The Intel Core i7 processor is powerful enough to handle even the most demanding tasks. In addition, this laptop features a 15.6-inch display with an FHD resolution and anti-glare technology to ensure a pleasant viewing experience.


  • Screen display size ‎15.6 Inches
  • RAM ‎16 GB DDR4 ,  256GB SSD
  • Processor ‎2.8 GHz core_i7
Operating System ‎Windows 10Screen display size ‎15.6 Inches


In addition, a DVD+/-RW drive is included in the laptop, allowing you to watch movies or transfer data from discs.

With an NVIDIA Quadro M2200 graphics card, you’ll get better graphics and a better gaming experience from this laptop. It has 16GB of memory, so you can put a lot of data and documents on it.

Also included is a copy of the Windows 10 Pro operating system, which comes loaded with an array of useful tools for multitasking.

Best Workstation Laptop For LUMION
  • Limited viewing angles on the screen
Superb performance
NVIDIA Quadro M1200M Graphics Card
Intel Core i5-7300HQ 2.5GHz
RAM 16GB DDR4 and 512GB SSD
  • 15.6″ Full HD Display
  • Long battery life

Which Is The Best Laptop For Lumion To Buy:-

  1. Alienware AW13R3–Best Laptops For Lumion
  2. Gigabyte AERO 15 – Best Laptop For LUMION
  3. MSI WE62 7RJ-1828US 15.6″ Professional Workstation Laptop– Best Laptop For LUMION
  4. ROG Strix G17 Gaming Laptop– Best Laptop For LUMION
  5. Alienware m15 R4– Best Laptop For LUMION

Why MSI WE62 7RJ-1828US 15.6″ Professional Workstation Laptop Is Good For Lumion?

In order to run Lumion, do I need more than 8GB of RAM?

  • Faster hardware speeds up Lumion’s rendering time.
  • Verify the performance of your laptop or desktop computer to ensure that you can complete your task.

For Lumion, what’s the best CPU?

Software capable of functioning at its optimum on a processor capable of executing Lumion

Using Lumion-3D and an Intel Xeon 6-core E- or W-Seire processor with a clock speed of 3.5 GHz, a business workstation can achieve great rendering results. You can speed up rendering by using a CPU with a high clock speed and several cores.

Yes, it works perfectly with AMD Radeon graphics cards.

The PC running Lumion must be connected to the internet at all times. G3DMark score of 14,000 or higher and the latest recent driver for the graphics hardware. RTX 2070, Quadro RTX 4000, and AMD Radeon RX 5700XT or greater cards are just a few examples.

Is there anything more I should know?

Recommended requirements:
System memory (RAM) 32 GB or more
Graphics card memory (VRAM)
8 GB or more

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