Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z 15.6″ – Laptop – Intel i7 – 16GB Memory – 256GB SSD – Light Titan

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Brand Samsung
Series Dell Precision
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Hard Disk Size 256 GB
CPU Model Core i7
RAM Memory Installed Size 16 GB

Regarding this item:

  • The 15.6″ size and ultra-slim design of the Odyssey Z’s brushed aluminium shell make it the ideal travel companion.
  • The Z Aeroflow Cooling System keeps you cool by using two internal fans to simultaneously remove heat from the CPU and GPU.
  • Gaming and Graphics Performance: A dedicated NVIDIA GTX1060 and an Intel Core i7 8th generation CPU offer high frame rates and HD content.
  • All of your keys will stand out on the LED-backlit ergonomic keyboard.
  • Keycaps that are curved improve comfort and precision.
  • An ultra-fast 256GB SSD and 16GB DDR4 RAM ensure that games, video editing programmes, and other applications load quickly.


With a Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z 15.6 with an average frame rate of 56.95, gaming performance is excellent. With 16 GB of RAM, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z 15.6 can easily manage a number of applications. The Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z 15.6 offers a superb pixel density of 141.2 pixels per inch, producing crisper text and picture quality. The Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z 15.6 costs a lot of money. The Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z 15.6 is thought to weigh more than its rivals. The 256 MB of capacity is insufficient to install many contemporary games. The battery life of 3.4 hours is inadequate for everyday use. The Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z 15.6’s battery life is limited, so you might need to keep the charger plugged in when playing for extended periods of time.

Want to play games while on the go without losing quality? Look at the brand-new Samsung Odyssey Z notebook. The new notebook, which runs Windows 10, combines an ultra-slim design with cutting-edge cooling technology and premium hardware for next-level performance. It is made for other processor-intensive tasks like video editing and 3D graphics in addition to being excellent for games.

Alanna Cotton, senior vice president and general manager of Mobile Computing and Enhancements at Samsung Electronics America, notes that modern video games are more intense, immersive, and graphically advanced than ever before. As a result, gamers require technology that is designed with them in mind. The Notebook Odyssey Z was designed to improve your gaming experience wherever you are. You can use it for the most demanding projects and games and take it with you without worrying about it overheating.

The updated Game Bar in Windows 10 adds premium performance, native game streaming via Mixer, compatibility for DirectX12, and support for Xbox Play Anywhere games to the features of the new laptop.

The Notebook Odyssey Z also has a fantastic feel and appearance. The sleek, 15.6-inch device looks good wherever you take it thanks to its ultra-slim design and brushed aluminium shell. Keys specifically designed for gaming stand out on the LED-backlit keyboard, and customisable hotkeys make it simple to check and improve things like frame rate and system status.

The Notebook Odyssey Z’s ground-breaking Z AeroFlow Cooling System ensures that it will remain cool no matter how intense your gaming session is. Cool air is blasted throughout the system by two internal fans, which simultaneously remove heat from the CPU and GPU. The fan is silent while you’re not playing games, allowing you to work quietly wherever you are. Additionally, you can disable the Notebook Odyssey Z’s fans in Silence Mode if you wish to play games in a quiet environment. Cheap Gaming Laptops Under

The Notebook Odyssey Z features a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card with 4K resolution and an Intel i7 Hexa-Core processor that allows for intense gaming at high speeds. Your games and apps will load quickly with a 256GB SSD and 16GB of RAM.

For $1,799.99, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z is currently offered in the United States on Amazon, Microsoft Stores, and See the press release for the complete product details.

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