It’s time to make a presentation, so get your note cards ready! The Presentation Experience has a virtual classroom where you can pretend to be any kind of student you want! If so, are you the class joker? Who has the best ears? Who is the slumberer? Who is the one to bring homework to the attention of the teacher? It’s up to you! Spend points to cheer your peers on during their presentations, or disrupt them by making noises and putting your hands on your hips! So, what’s the fastest way to rack up points? Of course, with the help of codes!

In order to redeem a certain amount of Points or even a special Points Bonus, you can use any of the codes below! As soon as new codes are released, we’ll update this list so that you can find even more great deals. In the Working Codes section, please let us know if you find a code that appears to have expired. Keep in mind, too, that each code must be entered exactly as it appears or the experience will reject it!

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All The Presentation Experience Codes List:

The Presentation Experience Codes (Working)

The Presentation Experience Codes (Expired)

Here’s a look at all the working The Presentation Experience codes.
  • 180klikes—Redeem for 10 Gems
  • bababooeypoints—Redeem for 50 Points (New)
  • Easter—Redeem for 8 Gems
  • anfisanova—Redeem for 25 Points
  • 700kmembers—Redeem for 10 Gems and a 1 minute 5x Points Boost
  • Megaboost—Redeem for 5x Points for mone minute
  • 600kmembers—Redeem for 5 minutes of 2x Boost
  • 5gems—Redeem for 5 Gems
  • 175klikes—Redeem for 10 Gems and 5x Point Boost
  • toilet—Redeem for 50 points
  • beatbox – Redeem for 30 Points

How to enter codes in The Presentation Experience:

The Presentation Experience makes it simple to get free stuff by redeeming codes! Follow these simple steps to get started.

  • First things first, let’s get this thing going!
  • When you’re inside, search for the arrow in the upper left corner and press it.
  • Once this is done, click the Twitter bird icon.
  • Enter a code in the new window that pops up.
  • To get your freebie, simply press the “confirm” button!

The Presentation Experience codes are hard to come by; where can I find more?

When The Presentation Experience reaches a new milestone, new codes are often issued. Keep an eye on this post, the Minimal Community Discord server, and the Minimal Games Roblox group for the latest codes. You’ll get 500 points and 10 gems for joining the Roblox group!

My codes aren’t working. What’s the problem?

It’s possible that some Roblox codes expire in as little as 24 hours, or even less! Codes that say “Code Expired” are no longer valid and cannot be redeemed when you try to input them. Because the code is unavailable, there is little you can do about this problem. However, if you type in a code and it displays Invalid Code, this indicates that you either mistyped the code or did not capitalise it correctly. Re-enter the code, being care to duplicate it exactly as it is written this time if this happens.

Is it possible to describe the “Presentation Experience” in one word?

As part of the Presentation Experience, participants take turns presenting random subjects, either created by the AI teacher or other players/students in their classroom. To make the best possible first impression, you only have a limited amount of time once the teacher asks you to present. To interrupt or cheer on their friends, other students can do everything from clapping to jumping out of their seats, snoring to burping. The instructor will do her best to maintain order in the classroom, but things will quickly spiral out of control!

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