The new update from PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) causes stutters in the game. So you improve the performance.

On the night of Thursday, February 22nd, a new update for the Pubg lag when shooting play in the live servers.

Player unknown’s Battlegrounds is officially released as an early access version on Steam and therefore comes with some performance weaknesses. In this boost guide, we will tell you how you can still increase your FPS and thus improve the frame rate.

More FPS in Player unknown’s Battlegrounds from Blue hole Studio is crucial for the game itself and the feel of the game.

If the frame rate is too low, the early access game will not look smooth, but the opponent could have an advantage.

In this short guide, we give you some tips and tricks on how to optimize and boost the performance in Player unknown’s Battlegrounds.

People frequently ask the question about why does PUBG Mobile lag when the enemy appears?

Among other things, this brings two new loot boxes and should improve the performance at the start of the game. Elsewhere, performance deteriorates.

Players complain about Why is PUBG so laggy during their PUBG matches.

Why Is PUBG So Laggy? After Update

If you gamble with the latest PUBG update, you will notice that the game’s performance has changed negatively.

Now there are micro stutters in PUBG. The community has been complaining about this since the patch became available on Thursday morning.

A few bugs have crept into the update. Despite ethical FPS values ​​and powerful computers, these ensure that PUBG stalls every few seconds.

The community has long complained about the performance of the game, and the developers are trying to improve it.

In a previous update, a trick uses to make PUBG more stable.

The developers already have the latest problems on the screen and are working on a solution.

Pubg Lag When Shooting – Solution Against Stuttering

PUBG’s support account replied on Twitter and wrote:

“PC game players, we are aware that some players experience periodic stuttering in the game. Our technicians are already researching this problem. ”

At the same time, they also offer a temporary solution, which should fix the stuttering until the technicians have fixed the error: “Please deactivate the replay and death cam functions.”

According to some Reddit users, switching off the replay and death, cam functions is said to fix the glitches.

It should make the game run smoother again. If deactivation does not help, players should then restart the game.


Nothing new for knowledgeable gamers. However, it still aids for those who do not know about video games, technology, and graphic processing.

We are talking about reducing the quality of textures, eliminating shadows, and reducing the title’s resolution.

It’s making it look worse but more fluid. The fewer graphic options the title has activated, the less work the mobile processor will have.

It not only translates into smoother operation but also less heating of the terminal and less battery consumption.

Play On The Best Possible Internet Network – Pubg Lag Issue

It may have escaped your notice that to play PUBG; you need not only a stable connection but also broadband.

It is of little use that you are connected to the WiFi network of your home, the institute, or a library, no matter how much speed you have contracted. If that network is loaded with devices playing other similar titles or taking advantage of bandwidth, you will notice it in your games.

So try to play on WiFi networks when you are only using your Internet, and no one else is taking advantage of this connection.

Much less if they are downloading content from the Internet or watching streaming series or movies.

In this way, you can take advantage of all those players who suffer Pubg lag when shooting and latency due to their connection—a few tenths of insurance worth gold in this kind of game.

Increase FPS In Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Let’s start with the classic graphics settings of Player unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is particularly important here that you do not exceed the options provided since the game analyzes your hardware.

The system and decides how high the visual effects can be set based on the processor, the graphics card and the RAM.

The FPS is more logical if you screw down the graphics and Player unknown’s Battlegrounds looks bad, but runs better and more smoothly on the computer.

Do the following settings recommend why does PUBG Mobile lags when the enemy appears? If it happens:

  • Shadows: Set this option to Medium or Low, no matter which PC you have. It not only increases the frame rate; you can even see enemies in the game more easily because the shadows become larger.
  • Anti-aliasing and post-processing (post-processing): Your graphics card must work properly here. If you have an older GPU, switch this graphics setting down for more FPS.
  • Texture: Just as with the point above, the graphics chip also loads here. The Low setting recommends for the best possible FPS in Player unknown’s Battlegrounds.
  • Screen Scale: This option should remain at 100%. If you put them down, the graphics card is only slightly relieved, since the textures and post-processing are more important. If you raise them, the FPS will be lower.


Play Player unknown’s Battlegrounds Early Access with more FPS

The start options on Steam. Here, the Valve gaming platform directly provides a way to improve Pubg lag when shooting performance by changing the launch parameters.

With simple start commands, you can tell your PC that the game is more important than other programs that can slow down FPS.

For the FPS boost, you do this: To do this, right-click on Player unknown’s Battlegrounds in your Steam library. Click on “Settings”.

You should always now see a window with the “General” tab. Go to “Set start options” at the bottom left. In this small command field, you enter the following launch options:

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc = system -sm4

Finished. Do you have any more tricks for better FPS in Player unknown’s Battlegrounds?


Player unknown’s Battlegrounds is a steam game developed by Blue hole Studio that is currently available as a trial version under Early Access.

The survival game is an MMO with an open world. PvP mode is about killing your opponents. The brutal action-adventure was mostly rated positively on Steam.

Let us know if you won’t be able to fix Pubg lag when shooting in the comments sections if you need more help with other games!

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