In Raging Seas, a Roblox One Piece-themed game, devil fruits can be consumed in order to earn powers and sail the oceans. Become a great pirate, perhaps even the King of Pirates, by levelling up. Codes can help speed up this process, but it will still take some time and work.

Be on the lookout for codes in Raging Seas, since these will grant you Stat Resets and 2x XP. You’ll need to use these codes before they expire, as they have expiration dates. To help you out, we’ve produced a list of all the possible codes.

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All Raging Seas Codes List:

All Raging Seas Codes List (Working Codes)

All Raging Seas Codes List (Expired Codes)

  • RAIDED—Redeem for a Stat Point Reset (New)
  • RELEASED—15 minutes of 2x XP
  • BUDDHA—Redeem for a 2x XP Boost (New)
  • SorryForBugs—Stat Reset
  • HUNDREDKVISITS—Redeem for 75k Cash (New)
  • PawAndWado—Redeem for a Stat Point Reset (New)
  • FreeDOUBLE
  • THREEHUNDREDLIKES—Redeem for 30 minutes of 2x XP
  • No Expired Codes
  • TKxtraONTOP—Redeem for 30 minutes of 2x XP
  • No Expired Codes

How to redeem codes in Raging Seas:-

In Raging Seas, how do you redeem codes?

In Raging Seas, codes can speed up the acquisition of resources and rewards. To redeem Raging Seas’s codes, follow these instructions.

  • Twitter will appear when you do so (Blue Bird).
  • Enter the code in the box provided.
  • The code must be entered and confirmed.

How do you acquire extra Raging Seas Codes?

Joining the official Raging Seas Discord or the Raging Seas community group is the easiest way to receive more codes. Both of these sites provide plenty of Raging Seas cheats, but you can always come back to our page for more.

How can I get my Raging Seas Codes to function correctly again?

Codes for Raging Seas are in the hands of the developer, who also controls how long they are active. In certain cases, codes expire faster than others, while in others, they don’t. Double-check for spelling errors, inactivated codes, or codes that have already expired before using a code that doesn’t work for you. If you’re having trouble redeeming your codes, keep checking back to see if Raging Seas has added any new ones or if any of your current ones have expired.

What is Raging Seas about?

Roblox One Piece game called Raging Seas. The goal of becoming the King of the Pirates is to join a crew of buccaneers. To get tremendous powers, gather a crew, set sail, and consume devil fruits. In Roblox Raging Seas, your goal is to become the most powerful pirate possible.

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