When it was Super Saiyan Simulator 2, Roblox Dragon Blox was known as Super Saiyan Simulator 2. The goal of this game is to reach the maximum power level of 600 million and become the greatest Saiyan in the cosmos! If you want to level up, unleash strong ki-blasts on your adversaries. However, in this Dragon Ball Z-inspired universe, you’ll need some assistance if you want to become Ultra Instinct.

To help you out, we’ve created Roblox Dragon Blox codes. Rebirth, skill points, and skill resets are all free to train using the codes provided below. All three of these work together to make Dragon Blox the powerful it can be. There are benefits and drawbacks to rebirthing in Dragon Blox. For the most part, you’ll have access to a variety of codes.

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All Dragon Blox Codes List:

Dragon Blox (Working Codes)

Dragon Blox (Expired Codes)

  • JUNE2022FREEREBIRTH!—You can Redeem for 2 Rebirths (New)
  • MAY2022FREEREBIRTH!—You can Redeem for 2 Rebirths
  • JUNE2022FREESKILLRESET!—You can Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points (New)
  • MAY2022FREESKILLRESET!—You can Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points
  • 1MGROUPMEMBERS!—You can Redeem for free rewards
  • APRIL2022FREEREBIRTH!—You can Redeem for 2 Rebirths
Working Codes
  • APRIL2022FREESKILLRESET!—You can Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points
Working Codes
  • FEB2022FREEREBIRTH!—You can Redeem for +2 Rebirth (NEW)
Working Codes
  • FEB2022FREESKILLRESET!—You can Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points (NEW)

How to Redeem Dragon Blox Codes

  1. In the game, press Menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. Press Settings, and then Redeem Code at the lower right corner.
  3. Enter the working code into the text field
  4. Press Redeem to obtain your free prize

How to acquire more Dragon Blox codes

An simple way to gain more codes is by bookmarking this website and checking it periodically to get the latest Dragon Blox codes. You can also join the Discord group and visit the devs’ Twitter feed. Also, if you join the G RBLX Games Roblox Group, you will earn a free +2x Power Boost!

Why aren’t my Dragon Blox codes working?

If your Roblox Dragon Blox codes aren’t functioning, ensure you have typed it exactly way it is written. Also, close attention to the exclamation mark included. To avoid typos, copy and paste the code from the list above into the redeem text field.

If you’ve input the code correctly, and it still doesn’t work, there is a potential that it has expired. Codes often emerge with every Dragon Blox update, and most codes feature the month. So, if you try utilizing a code from a different month than what we’re in, it will most likely not work.


What is Dragon Blox?

Dragon Blox is a Roblox game inspired by the anime and manga Dragon Ball Z. Punch, kick, and shoot ki-blasts to power up your character. At specified increments of power, you can morph and become stronger. During transformed, you will get more power when training, so don’t forget to constantly changing into your finest transformation to grow stronger quicker!

Learn new skills, and equip numerous swords to strengthen your fighting prowess as you travel to different realms. Complete tasks to acquire more Zeni and purchase more items upgrades. Use the Dragon Blox and become the best Saiyan of them all!

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