One Piece is the inspiration for this Roblox title. Take on difficulties in the open world as one of two groups. When it comes to terrorising the land, you can either be a pirate or a marine and protect it from the continual threat of pirates. The more missions you complete and the more treasures you find, the more powerful you will become on the high seas.

You’ll be able to get experience and level up faster with the use of these codes, making it easier to take on other players and complete tasks. Early on in the game, the majority of the foes you face will be dangerous and stronger than you. As a result, you’ll be able to take full benefit of this code list and start off with an advantage.

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All Roblox Pirates Legacy Codes:

Roblox Pirates Legacy Codes (Working Codes)

Roblox Pirates Legacy Codes (Expired Codes)

  • Havoc—Claim for 200XP
  • SHUTDOWN1!—Claim for Beli and 6k XP
  • Doge—Claim for 200XP
  • Kazune—Claim for 12k Beli
  • NewDevs—Claim for 4k Beli
  • Christmas!—Claim for free Beli
  • Fruit—Claim for 1k Beli and 300XP
  • Release!—Claim for free Beli
  • Pirates—Claim for 3k Beli
  • Wise—Claim for free Beli
  • NotAStatResetCode—Claim for Stat Reset
  • King—Claim for 5k Beli

How To Redeem Roblox Pirates Legacy Codes:

  1. Press the Menu button in the bottom-right corner of the game to access the options.
  2. Activate the wheel/menu by pressing the Character icon.
  3. Enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above in the ‘Code’ field.
  4. You can get your reward by pressing the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard!

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There must be a problem with my Roblox Pirates Legacy codes.

You must be a member of the developer’s group in order to use these codes. Once you join the group, the possibility to redeem codes in the game is made available. If you want to use the code box in the game, join the Power Up Studio group.

Make sure that all of your codes are entered in correctly and that you include the grammar as you see it on our list. These are case-sensitive. Make sure you use these codes before they expire, as they will no longer be available.

Roblox Pirates Legacy is a type of game on the Roblox platform.

Join the Marines or the Pirates to become the most dreaded seafarers. In the game, you can engage in quests, exploration, and combat with other people. As you level up and take on the Marines, you’ll get new abilities. Joining the Marines and going up against those pesky Pirates is an honourable option as well. The oceans and all of their riches are open to the taking.

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