Whether you’re an experienced graphics designer using Adobe Illustrator or a new talent, it’s important to grasp the program’s system requirements. Performance counts when your income depends on it. Illustrator is a complicated piece of software, and while Adobe’s system requirements are reasonable, there’s more to it. System Recommendations For Adobe Illustrator [Software and Hardware Requirements] 2022 If you’re building a new PC for Illustrator, wondering why Illustrator is slow, or want to improve your PC, read on.

Illustrator specification requirements:

Adobe’s website lists Illustrator’s system requirements.

The list has Windows and macOS parts. Adobe only offers minimal Illustrator needs, therefore greater specs will run Illustrator better.

Technical Requirements for Running Illustrator on Windows

A list of GPUs that have been successfully tested with Illustrator can be found on Adobe’s website. If your graphics card has 1GB of VRAM and supports OpenGL 4.0 or above, but it isn’t on the list, you can still use Illustrator with it. (Find out the versions of OpenGL your GPU supports with this guide.)

The Official Illustrator System Requirements, According to Us

Even while the system requirements seem reasonable at first glance, there are, as is so frequently the case, catches when looking at the wider picture.

It’s realistic to assume that you’ll quickly outgrow these recommendations after only a short while, given that a PC that meets the minimum Illustrator needs can barely execute a low-complexity project (just a few vectors, layers, and outlines).

You’ll also want to work fast and not fight with a sluggish interface every step of the way.


Carefully choosing the following parts is highly required:



The higher the Clocks, the better. You don’t need many Cores for Illustrator.


The more RAM, the better. For good performance, get at least 16GB of RAM.


A dedicated GPU will perform substantially better than an integrated GPU (iGPU) (iGPU). Get an Nvidia GTX or RTX GPU for the greatest performance.

Recommendations for a Powerful Laptop Running Adobe Illustrator

Check out our Best Laptop for Graphic Design Guide if you’re the nomadic kind in need of a portable computer capable of running Illustrator.

What We Think Is The Best PC Configuration For Adobe Illustrator

There are several subtleties to consider while customising a PC for Adobe Illustrator. If you’re searching for a thorough discussion of how to create the best PC for Illustrator, check out our guide: Best PC for Adobe Illustrator and Vector Illustration.

Does Illustrator Work With 2GB of RAM?

Illustrator should have a least of 2GB or 4GB of RAM for 32 bits or 64 bits. Use an Intel Multicore processor with 32- or 65-bit capability, or an AMD Athlon processor, if you want Illustrator to function.

Is Illustrator compatible with Windows 7?

You must install all of Microsoft’s most recent Windows Updates if you wish to utilise this software. Without Internet Explorer 11 or Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1, Adobe apps won’t function on Windows 7 devices anymore. Microsoft has made two updates available. System Recommendations For Adobe Illustrator [Software and Hardware Requirements] 2022

What Does an Illustrator Need?

Windows. a computer with an AMD Athlon 64 or Intel Pentium 4 processor. Windows 8 and Windows 7, along with Service Pack 1. Windows 10 or Windows 1 is required. A 64 bit computer needs 2 GB of RAM, while a 32 bit machine needs 1 GB (with 3 GB being suggested) (8 GB recommended).

Does 2GB of RAM Work With Photoshop?

Photoshop can take up to 2GB of RAM when operating on a 32-bit machine. Photoshop won’t be able to utilise all of your installed RAM if it is greater than 2GB. Without doing this, the system will run out of RAM and be forced to use virtual memory stored on the disc, which is significantly slower than it should be.

Is Adobe Audition Compatible With 2GB RAM?

I regret to inform you that this is untrue. The most recent versions of Adobe After Effects CC require 8GB of RAM and a 64bit processor in order to run.

How Much RAM Does Adobe Premiere Pro Need?

Regardless of your operating system, if you intend to edit standard definition or work with high definition, your computer should have at least 1GB of RAM. Adobe advises against using any other programmes with Premiere Pro when running CS3.

Do I Need A Graphics Card For Adobe Illustrator?

A graphics card is required if you want to utilise Adobe Illustrator and run your OS with graphics. All graphics cards are necessary, regardless of whether they are discrete or built into the CPU.

How Much RAM Does Illustrator Need? 8 Gb?

If you don’t have a budget, you should have 16 GB of RAM because Photoshop and Illustrator both demand at least 8 GB.

Is Illustrator 3 Good for I3?

In my opinion. The Intel i3 programme is made to run on two cores, while Adobe Illustrator is made to run on a single core. The programme will lag if you operate with a lot of anchor points. To fix this problem, reopen the application.

What Does Illustrator Cs5 Mean?

Websites, brochures, business cards, fliers, and other print and screen designs may all be created with the help of the Adobe Illustrator CS5 design tool. It will require a lot of digging. This Illustrator CS5 lesson course can cover all levels of Adobe Illustrator CS5. There is no upper limit to the level of learning.

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