why is my keyboard not working on my laptop? It’s a fine day, you just opened your laptop and what you notice is your laptop Keyboard is not working. It’s not a typical problem, however, this has been reported by users of all laptop brands including Dell, Asus, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Sony. Laptop Keyboard not working isn’t necessarily a hardware problem and numerous reasons may be behind this tragedy. We’ll discuss this and also the methods to fix laptop Keyboard well in the next section.

In the meanwhile, you’ll use the Onscreen Keyboard provided by Windows. If you can’t log in to your laptop thanks to a faulty keyboard, look to the lower right corner of your screen, there you’ll realize ‘Ease of access’ (2nd icon from right) click on it. A menu can appear, select ‘Onscreen Keyboard’. A keyboard can appear in front of your screen, use a mouse to click on characters and enter your credentials to log in.

Why is my keyboard not working on my laptop?


How to start Onscreen Keyboard

Onscreen Keyboard is another feature that’s preinstalled in Windows and is very useful in special things like this. Activate Onscreen keyboard to continue your necessary chores, steps that are stated below:

1. Go to settings. Then, click on the “Ease of Access“. choose “Keyboard” located on the left side of the screen. Finally, turn on the “On-Screen Keyboard“. A draggable keyboard should seem in front of your screen.

Why is my keyboard not working on my laptop

An alternative technique is to click on the “Touch Keyboard” icon on the taskbar. This could do the charm! If the icon doesn’t seem on the taskbar right-click on ” ^ ” expand icon from the taskbar. Choose “Show touch keyboard” from the menu. Good enough!

Why is my keyboard not working on my laptop


Why On-Screen Keyboard?

Before you are attempting any solutions mentioned below, first answer this question;

“Is this problem caused because of spillage or accidental damage?” If yes, then you should probably visit the service center.

Otherwise, let us proceed.

Laptop Keyboard malfunction is often caused due to software issues. Unsuccessful installation of windows updates, Incompatible keyboard driver, because of filter keys and in some cases due to BIOS. However, these are often resolved simply. Other situations responsible for this catastrophe are battery related (could be due to overheating).

If you notice it’s a hardware problem then there’s no other way around, you must visit the service center.

Identify the cause of laptop Keyboard not operating

For this, you must borrow an external USB keyboard. Plug the keyboard to your device and check if it’s working properly. If no, then it’s possibly a software related issue.

And in case the solution is yes, then you must check for all conditions mentioned in Why? section of this article. Restart your laptop before moving forward, simply in case if this solves your problems.


How to Fix laptop Keyboard Not Working Issue

We will be listing multiple ways on how to Fix laptop Keyboard not working problem. These solutions can help you fix HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Dell, and Lenovo laptop keyboards.

Steps to solve the keyboard problem is provided below in a systematic manner:

Check Battery

If your laptop includes a non-removable battery, skip to the next solution. For this step, you have to shut down the Windows laptop and disconnect the charger. Then carefully remove the battery from your laptop.

Check if it’s swollen. Replace the battery immediately if it’s swollen. Otherwise, place the battery back in your laptop. start your device.

Why is my keyboard not working on my laptop

Is your keyboard working now?

*** Remember! always to use compatible and original batteries in your laptop. Incompatible batteries can deteriorate your laptop’s life. ***

It may sound odd but yes, the battery typically causes the Keyboard to stop working in Windows 10.

Filter keys

Filter keys are a feature of Windows, that tells a keyboard to ignore the repeated keystrokes. This might cause an issue in some cases. Confirm that ‘Filter keys’ is disabled.

1. Goto “Settings” then “Ease of Access” and at last click on “Keyboard” option as mentioned earlier in the Onscreen Keyboard section.

2. Check whether Filter key is disabled. If not, disable Filter keys.

Why is my keyboard not working on my laptop

For earlier versions of Windows. 

why is my keyboard not working on my laptop


Update Keyboard Driver

In some cases, a bad driver is responsible for this condition. Internet connection is needed to update drivers.

1. Open Device Manager. Search the “Device manager” in taskbar using the onscreen keyboard and click on on the first result or “Right-click” on the start button and then click on “Device manager” from the menu.

2. locate Keyboards and expand it by clicking. A list of keyboard drivers will appear. Select any driver and click on it. A menu will appear, Click on “Uninstall“. Repeat the same method for any other keyboard driver. This will replace the drivers with the factory versions of the driver, once restarting.

why is my keyboard not working on my laptop

Now, click on an “Action“, then on “Scan for hardware changes”.After completion of the scan, Restart your Windows laptop and then check if the laptop keyboard is responding.

why is my keyboard not working on my laptop

3. Update your keyboard drivers then do the scan for hardware changes. and at last, restart the laptop. similar to the above step.

why is my keyboard not working on my laptop

If the keyboard is working, then skip the rest of this tutorial.

*** Note: Some laptops use Synaptics driver which can interfere with the keyboard functionality due to compatibility issues, locate Synaptics driver in Device Manager and then uninstall it and restart your Windows. ***



Hope the above methods should have resolved laptop keyboard not working issue. Strictly follow the steps in the mentioned order. Laptop keyboards are not well protected, some dust and particles stick under the keys. Use keyboard cover or other alternatives to protect your laptop keyboard. We would suggest to always use an alternate keyboard, as laptop keyboards are simply not right!!

There are alternatives like a bad connection ( you’ll open your laptop and check for loose connections from keyboard interface ) to this method. However, it requires computer hardware knowledge to proceed and may result in malfunction. Don’t be shy to visit service center.

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